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On Not Being Heartbroken


We said goodbye today. The three small people that have been in our lives for 5 1/2 months are now no longer our responsibility. A week of introductions and today we dropped them off (along with half of our house) and said goodbye.

There were some tears and sad faces, but once we were at their new place, they were pretty giddy and rushing around, excited to be there. It went as well as it could have done – they’re happy to be there, if a little sad to leave us behind.

It’s not a ‘forever goodbye’. Their new foster carers are happy for us to still be a part of their lives so we’ll see them in a month or so. Middle Small Person asked last night, “Will we see you on Sunday?” No, not that soon. “What about Monday?”

Many people have expressed concern for us. “It must be a real wrench for you” “Are you holding up ok?” Sympathetic faces and arm squeezes seem to communicate the general accepted fact that we must be finding it really hard to say goodbye. It must be heart-breaking, we must be missing them and really sad to see them go.

Sorry guys. No heartbreak over here. Don’t get me wrong, I cared for them and definitely loved them, but I am not devastated that they have left. Contrary to almost everyone else’s experience (seemingly), I am actually feeling positive. Happy, enjoying the lifting of responsibility and stress. Will I miss them? Hmm. Possibly? Perhaps too early to tell.